Barbara Falender

Brzozowa 31/33
November 19–28, 2021

"(...) I have the strength to look at myself as I see myself. I am ugly, I have shadows on my face. I look at myself critically. And then suddenly I'm confronted with something else – a piece of paper that I begin to like. And I end when I have nothing left to say. There's a moment of curiosity, then regression, nothing comes out the way I want it to, but I keep going. And suddenly it occurs to me that something has happened. But what? Actually I don't know, something surprised me. Then I leave the drawing, because I know that I'm not able to get anything more out of myself. I can't explore this drawing any further because I will simply tire it out. It also has its limits. Just like with the piece of paper, you spit out your emotions, read something and leave it. This piece of paper, it's notebook paper, it's a notebook. Anyway, I never thought I would show it to anyone, because my goal was possibly just to make a portrait in stone. That was the dream. Good thing the stone was found. As it turned out, it was waiting for my self-portrait. I used up that stone as well, I didn't let it remain unnamed."

Fragment of a conversation between Wiesława Wierzchowska and Barbara Falender. April 2021. Conversation penned by Marta Kamińska.

Special thanks to Barłomiej Wachta and the Maruta Wachta for their invaluable help in the lending of Barbara Falender's sculpture "Hommage for Alina Szapocznikow", 1973, and to SM Ostrobramska.