Irini Karayannopoulou
Life on Venus

Polana Institute

March 19–April 2, 2022

Irini Karayannopoulou draws inspiration from collective sexual fantasies, lusty dreams and the basic human need not to feel alone, both in and outside our planetary system. The artist audaciously continues the erotic scenes that she discovers in erotic magazines, in quest of an alternative ''happy ending''. As she humorously deconstructs the preconceptions of sexual representation as we know it, she presents us with a new corporeality, one that is actually governed by Venus -or Aphrodite, or Ishtar. Irini introduces us to a new kind of voyeurism that praises sexual liberation from a feminin perspective.


During the opening we will be selling a special edition prepared by the artist. 50 PLN each. The money will support BLYZKIST for Ukraine.


Exhibition view