Katarzyna Przezwanska
Venus of Petrykozy

Główna 51
May 25–26, 2024

As in previous years, the Polana Institute cordially invites you to spend the weekend in Petrykozy near Żabia Wola for a special site-specific exhibition. Renowned artist Katarzyna Przezwańska has crafted her colossal Venus of Petrykozy from elements shaped by nature.

This Venus commands attention in the pose of Christ the Redeemer, yet her outstretched arms are proud and offer no promise of redemption. There's an otherworldly quality about her creation – not merely the metallic hues reminiscent of early sci-fi depictions, but a defiance of gravity's laws.

In Przezwańska's vision, the weightiest elements ascend highest, with large stones seemingly suspended mid-air, akin to a volcanic eruption frozen in time, guiding the viewer's gaze. This rendition of Venus bears no resemblance to Venus pudica; she proudly displays her body. Employing patriarchal terminology, she is shameless. The sense of liberation evoked by this portrayal is both contemporary and deeply gratifying.