Magdalena Karpińska
Too Many Fingers

Polana Institute
Stanisława Noakowskiego 16/35
November 16–24, 2018

In her latest exhibition, Magdalena Karpińska uses nature to muse on passing and impermanence, with change as the axis of her narration. Human longing for the primordial and harmonious connection with nature, symbolized by "Cosmic Mountain" – a painting installation inspired by the Slavic image of paradise, is juxtaposed with the contemporary representations of vanitas. The beliefs to which Karpińska refers to assumed the permanent existence of a supernatural element in nature. Each of its elements could guarantee happiness or herald a tragedy.

The ecological awareness of ourselves as the perpetrators and witnesses of the anthropocene results in the prevalent sense of danger and a looming catastrophe. However, in Karpińska's works danger and passing of time take on a very aesthetic, attractive, and often sensual form. Evanescence is less painful when it's beautiful.

Exhibition view