Olga Micińska
Roaming Drifta / NADA Projects

NADA Miami
December 1–5, 2020

Olga Micińska’s ongoing investigations on matters of technology and labour are often based on a thorough study of craft techniques, which she then practices with relevant care and attention. In her recent work, she applies the craft of weaving as means to playfully approach today's omnipresent algorithms. Although often regarded as a neutrally programmed “other”, an automaton is just another human creation functioning with all its implicit flaws and oversights. 

Following the etymological sense of “data” Olga came up with the term “drifta” which refers to her cycle of textiles and drawings. “Drifta” alludes to the situationists’ experimental method of fast paced strolls through the landscapes of control. The passages Olga is making are performed not in the urban space but on a loom and paper. These woven patterns work as a free-wheeled testimony of thoughts and distractions. They are not pre-designed, but unfold spontaneously on a daily basis, containing all the possible errors made on the way. In the meditative process, the maker gets to understand the logic of applied computation and can further speculate on its alternative versions.

Exhibition view

Selected works

Olga Micińska Rest archival print 2020