Dominika Kowynia, Mikołaj Sobczak

September 28–October 1, 2023

Nowy Teatr
Madalińskiego 10/16

At the Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Dominika Kowynia and Mikołaj Sobczak will present two panoramas centered around the topic of modern-day slavery.

Mikołaj Sobczak's work incorporates two 10-meter paintings, Gutsherren and The Vision from 2022, where he reflects on the fate and marginalized role of groups within communist societies, such as ethnic, national, and queer minorities. This exploration allows him to draw thought-provoking parallels to the realities of contemporary capitalism.

Dominika Kowynia's panorama, on the other hand, takes the form of a grand-scale painterly triptych. One recurring theme in Kowynia's artistic expression is the notion of emancipation as a path towards liberation and endowment of individuals with their full rights. She keenly observes that in today's world, women feel a compelling need, if not an obligation, to engage in intense work that is often associated with personal growth and the relentless pursuit of their rights. However, Kowynia also highlights the importance of collective emancipation, fostering narratives of community, building supportive relationships among women, and renouncing the perpetual struggle to be tirelessly productive beings.

The project is created in collaboration with Nowy Teatr.

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