Polana Institute at NADA Miami


This year's edition of the NADA Miami art fair will take place in a hybrid form – on the online platform and live in selected galleries. We invite you to the Raster, where 5 galleries from Poland and Russia will show their presentations: Leto, Polana Institute and Raster from Warsaw as well as Fragment Gallery and Galerie Iragui from Moscow.

Participating artists: Paweł Althamer and Przemysław Matecki, Olaf Brzeski, Carlos Noronha Feio, Lisa Ivory, Emilia Kina, Olga Micińska, Pavel Pepperstein, Kaja Redkie and Zbigniew Rogalski.


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02.04 polanainstitute EPISODE 1: @ueltouel How does the isolation influence a community? Today when it turned out that we are not artisans of our own fates, how do we perceive individualism—the key to the neoliberal success? Will the pandemic influence our system? Each episode
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01.04 polanainstitute