The Last Place on Earth

Paweł Althamer, Barbara Hammer & Barbara Klutinis, Joan Jonas, Tadeusz Kantor, Magdalena Karpińska, Olga Micińska, Róża Litwa, Mikołaj Sobczak, Stach Szumski

September 20–22, 2019

Polish Academy of Science Museum of the Earth
Na Skarpie 20/26, Warsaw

The title of the exhibition "The Last Place on Earth" directly refers to the name of the Polish Academy of Sciences Museum of the Earth in Warsaw. The title suggests that if a cataclysm were to come tomorrow, many of us would choose this distinct place for a hideout – treating it as a sort of ark in which we’d be surrounded by ancient mammal bones and minerals instead of live creatures, hiding in the lowest level of an architect’s former house (the building was designed by Bohdan Pniewski as his private residence).

Much like in Dickens’ novel "Bleak House", several parallel narratives are presented, and a (geo)biographical place is created as a hideout for a modern hero of unknown gender, race or origin.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Polish Academy of Sciences Museum of the Earth in Warsaw

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