Sculptor and woodworker

Olga Micińska is currently living between Amsterdam and Warsaw. 2016-18 enrolled in MA Art Praxis study program at the Dutch Art Institute. In 2012 graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with MFA in Sculpture. Spent one study year in Granada at Facultad de Bellas Artes/Unversidad de Granada and received training at Glasgow Sculpture Studios in Scotland. As member of Timber Framers Guild participated in community building projects. She works in wood, ceramics, fabrics, collaborates with craft studios of various disciplines.

Selected solo and group exhibitions:


Roaming Drifta, NADA Projects/ NADA Miami, Warsaw (PL)
Stichting Egress Foundation Salon, Tilde, Amsterdam (NL)
The Kitchen, Polana Institute, Warsaw (PL)
Infiltrating Public Space, Het Resort, Groningen (NL)


Polana Interiors, Polana Institute, Warsaw (PL) 
Monumentomania, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (PL)
The Last Place on Earth, Polana Institute at Museum of the Earth in Warsaw
The Shaving Horse, Marwan, Amsterdam (NL)
The Shaving Horse & Co., Polana Institute (PL)
Non-binary, KS Room, Feldbach (AU)


Wonder Woman, Polana Institute, Warsaw (PL)
Second Coat Redux (with Olle Stjerne + text by Samantha McCulloch), Kunstplatform De Apotheek Amsterdam (NL)


The Sensibility of Structure (together with Sofia Goscinski), Österreichisches Kulturforum, Warsaw (PL)
Love Memory Curiosity, Polana Institute at Geological Museum, Warsaw (PL)
No future in dreaming, Thkio Ppalies, Nicosia (CYP)
Support Structures [In Support], De Kijkdoos, Amsterdam (NL)
The Space Program, Stroboskop, Warsaw (PL)
Degrees of Freedom: Human, Robot and the Medium of Automation, Designhuis, Eindhoven (NL)


to pragma, Starter Gallery, Warsaw (PL)


Cosas Vulnerables/Vulnerable Things, Sala Alfajar, Málaga (ESP)
Ensayo para una exposición/Rehearsal for an exhibition, CoMbO, Córdoba (ESP)


Art Esopus [Esopus Creek Land Conservancy], SebSi Studio, Saugerties, NY (USA)
Tierras oníricas (with Alfarería Tito and Ubedies Artesanía), Hospital de Santiago, Úbeda (ESP)

Exhibitions view


Olga Micińska Rest archival print 2020
Franziska takes measure
Olga Micińska Franziska takes measure archival print 2020
Drifta on Sarai's lap
Olga Micińska Drifta on Sarai's lap archival print 2020
Drifta 1
Olga Micińska Drifta 1 pencil and gouache in paper 2020
Drifta 2
Olga Micińska Drifta 2 pencil and gouache in paper 2020
Drifta 3
Olga Micińska Drifta 3 pencil and gouache in paper 2020
Olga Micińska Joint wood, brass 2017
Olga Micińska Falcon wood, brass, steel 2017
Olga Micińska Hand wood, brass 2017
Olga Micińska Crystal wood, brass, malachite 2016
Olga Micińska Dracht wood, brass 2018
Olga Micińska ceramic 2018
Olga Micińska wood 2018
Olga Micińska wood, brass 2018
Olga Micińska wood, brass 2018
Olga Micińska wood 2018
Olga Micińska wood, brass 2018
Olga Micińska wood, brass 2018
Olga Micińska Mallet wood, brass 2018
Olga Micińska ceramic 2018
Pins II
Olga Micińska Pins II wood 2018
Shaving Horse
Olga Micińska Shaving Horse wood 2019
Olga Micińska Bevel pencil on paper 2019
Olga Micińska Bed pencil on paper 2019