Julia Platt

548 West 22nd Street
May 2–5, 2024

Platt's paintings bear a deceptive resemblance to photographs but would be boring as photographs. It is the interplay of scale and painterly substance that renders the inner world of these artworks captivating. The artist's discipline stands in contrast to the unbridled freedom of objects within the space. They need not conform to order. The slight chaos they introduce into the paintings mirrors the bustling streets outside the window. Occasionally, a human figure graces the artist's canvases – these are either Julia herself or her twin sister.

The paintings contain no distinction between foreground and background; each element is of equal importance. It leaves the impression that any alteration or removal of these objects might precipitate a catastrophe or, at best, an "ailment" of the room. This tension evokes trauma – a sense of loss stemming from successive diagnoses and the passing of loved ones, changes beyond our control. These rooms exude this atmosphere, preserving moments both "before" and "after" death.

Selected works

Julia Platt Untitled oil on canvas 2024
Julia Platt Scares oil on canvas 2024
At the Railway Station
Julia Platt At the Railway Station oil on canvas 2024
Back Home
Julia Platt Back Home oil on canvas 2024
Julia Platt Premiere oil on canvas 2024
Ewa in Germany
Julia Platt Ewa in Germany oil on canvas 2024
Julia Platt Spring oil on canvas 2024

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